Tanner's Bar and Grill

In a word: This bland is your bland.

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1611 Deming Way, Middleton 53562
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Chris ate the Wai-Kiki Chiki.
JM ate the Tano booga.
Marissa ate the Southwest Turkey Sandwich.
Nichole ate the ABLT.
We split the jalapeño cheese balls and the buffalo chicken rangoon.
The bill was about $12/person, plus tip.
JM and Chris gave Tanner's a B- ; Marissa gave Tanner's a C ; Nichole gave Tanner's a C+ (see our grading rubric).

We went to Tanners on the 4th of July with some good friends. Therefore we got to try a lot of the different kinds, and different kinds of cutesy names, of things on the menu.  Overall, Tanner's feels like one sports bar too many.  Our friends had visited Monk's with us as well and we all agreed that Tanner's offers a big "so what" in comparison (and it's literally 2 minutes away).


So, what did we get?  We started with the jalapeño cheese balls and the buffalo chicken rangoon.  Probably we were feeling a little spicy.  The fry medium at Tanner's is A-OK.  These all came golden and delicious.  Well, the balls were a little too much breading.  The rangoon came as advertised, though we were mixed on whether we'd get them again.


For sandwiches, there was the Wai-Kiki Chiki, which came with nice tots.  It was tasty, but a little one-note on account of the whole bottle of teriyaki sauce spilled onto it.  The Southwest Turkey Sandwich was OK, if a little underwhelming, and its accompanying sweet potato fries were a third generation of facsimile of the version that made people want them.

Southwest turkey sandwichBLTSandwich

The Tano booga was cooked well, though JM has an impossibly hard time calling a "burger" a "booga". The cheese was almost melted to sauce level and the fries were fine.  Nichole's ABLT was not great but not bad, how's that for equivocating. The cole slaw was also completely bland and lacking in interest.  Many of us felt that our dishes were merely copies of better ideas other people had and brought to the menu because of customer expectation.  Not a lot of innovation, just grudging acceptance, which is why we'd likely meet up elsewheres.

That said, the Diet Coke on a hot July day was indeed delicious.

Tandoori House

In a word: Savor the flavors.

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6713 Odana Rd., 53719
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Latest Tandoori House news and reviews

JM ate the mixed grill.
Nichole ate the lamb korma.
We split some cheesy naan.
The bill was $44, or $22/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Tandoori House an A- (see our grading rubric).

Tandoori House, per secret Madison food ordinance, serves a lunch buffet and order-off-the-menu dinner. We went for dinner. The decor is a little spare (compared to the previous tenant, Maharaja, which with its darker decor and lower light felt a little homier than this) but the service was attentive and forgiving.

We started with cheesy garlic naan, which was truly above and beyond expectations. It was as good as any Neapolitan pizza, as far as super-hot-oven baked cheesy bready comestibles go.  (We also ate the free basic naan, of course, which was just fine.) Nichole got the lamb korma which was delightful and saucy in the way that good Indian dishes need to be to afford a use for that rice.  It was very tender and delicious.

Goat korma

JM's mixed grill was the find of the trip, however. Four delicious meats like this, garnished with onions, would make any carnivore sing. There were two kinds of chicken (roast and tandoori) as well as shrimp and sausage.  No two bites ever got same-y and while Indian restaurant meats tend to be a little dry, in JM's experience, these where especially pert and flavorful, especially the sausage.

Mixed grill

The west side does not want for good Indian cuisine with Dhaba, Swagat, Haveli and Minerva, so it is hard to know how well Tandoori House will hold up in the crowd.  But the flavors are tasty and the location convenient to the mall (and most people may be auto-pilotting Maharaja anyways).  We wish them the best.


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