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Sugar and Spice Eatery

In a word: Everything's nice.

The specs: #01068 
317 Nora St., Stoughton 53589
Details at Yelp, official web site, Facebook

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JM ate the BBQ burger.
Nichole ate the steak and eggs.
Rose ate the Eggs Benedict.
The bill was cheap.
JM and Rose gave Sugar and Spice Eatery an A-; Nichole gave Sugar and Spice Eatery an A (see our grading rubric).

Sugar and Spice Eatery began a better-than-expected run of good restaurants that recharged our A to Z batteries somewhat. But unlike Sujeo, the next place, this one had absolutely no build up to us - we hadn't heard of the place at all! So we arrived on a cold winter's lunchtide to peruse their menu and found that almost every table was filled and it stayed that way for the duration. There's also a full-service deli which enjoyed lots of foot traffic, and offers a good-looking menu for weekday lunches.


Back in the dining room, we tried a little of both the breakfast and the lunch menu.  Nichole got the steak and eggs with hash browns, raisin toast (yay) and coffee.  The steak was thick and tasty and came with prepared mushrooms.

Massive breakfast

Rose opted for a more traditional breakfast of Eggs Benedict, and she was able to get the eggs over hard, just the way she likes them on that dish.  The Hollandaise was more cheesy than lemony, but the whole thing was satisfying and delicious.  JM has a Western burger which had, like many plates around the cafe, a slice of thin-cut ham on it.  The BBQ sauce was mighty delicious, but the curly fries were a little sparse: a shame because he was really enjoying them.

Eggs Benedict

There's not much more we can say about a place that, apart from a few quibbles, seems to be knocking it our of the park in Stoughton. They do breakfast, lunch and deli foodstuffs right and they are tres adorbz to boot.  We can think of few better places to tuck in to comfort food like this and we cannot understand why our original list eschewed this place as it has been serving Stoughton for nearly two decades. Recommended!


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What? You didn’t have the Tater Tot Hotdish?!? For shame! But guess you have a reason to go back now as this is the only place I know of outside of my beloved Minnesota to get a plateful of that delicacy.

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