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Spring Garden (Mount Horeb)

In a word: Think Spring.

The specs: #01064  
520 Springdale St.,Mount Horeb 53572
Details at Yelp, Facebook

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JM ate the chicken quesadilla with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the cod fish fry with a decaf.
The bill was $25, or about $12/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Spring Garden a B (see our grading rubric).

There are two different Dane County restos with the name Spring Garden.  They appear to have been a happy accident of contemporaneous naming coincidence.  This one is located all the way out in Mount Horeb, where it's been operating in a former Hardees since 2003.  We were one of two tables when we arrived and that place was just under half full when we left, which is a testament to the quality and diversity of foods available here.

Fish fry

Nichole went with the fish fry since it was Friday and was quite happy with her choice of cod, as it came with a nice creamy cole slaw and some crinkle fries.  The fish was served very warm, though it was nothing super special - it seemed like a happy midpoint on the fish spectrum.  JM's BBQ chicken quesadilla fell into much the same boat. The chicken pieces were nice and the BBQ sauce tasty, but the whole thing was a lot of food without providing a lot of variety from bite to bite.  Good, but a little samey.

Chicken quesadilla

The same could be said for the garlic Parmesan "IntensiFries." Sysco's come up with a saleable concept: turn fries into chicken wings with dry rubs, sauces and superior flavor.  They mostly just came overflavored and overgreasy.  JM would like to see some of the other classic wing flavors done for fries, but this was not something he would get again.  Swing and a miss.

The beverage came freely and quickly.  JM's lemonade was nice though familiar.  Nichole was able to score a cup of decaf with lunch which is a nice perk on a coldish day.

Spring Garden looks like a Hardee's from the outside.  We didn't try to locate the drive-thru, but there probably is one bricked over somewheres in the back. Mount Horeb should be happy to have a nice expansive menu, low cost local eatery to frequent. 


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Looks like I have a new place to add to the Fish Finder. Thanks for the info, friends!

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