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In a word: I won't say anything at all.

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JM ate a power ball slider and a pork slider.
Marijka ate the sweet potato sliders.
Nichole ate a chicken bacon slider.
Ryan ate a chicken bacon slider and a pork slider.
The bill was about $9/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Slide a B+; Ryan gave Slide a B; Marijka gave Slide a C (see our grading rubric).

We caught up with Slide at the Capital Brewery biergarten during high school reunion night (we counted three).  Slide was well positioned as the only food venue that was not catered, and many folks dotting tables grabbed some sliders, so we joined them.

Tonight's rendition of the Slide chips were sadly quite gritty.  We know this delicacy has gone mainstream, which is why the authentic article giving up the same mouthfeel as sand in some bites was disconcerting.  The good news is that the dips are terrif: chiptole was smooth and spicy; the garlic ranch was deliciously zingy and the French onion was yummy umami in all the right ways.

Slide trio

We got all four sliders on offer betwixt the four of us.  Nichole and Ryan reported that chicken bacon slider was about the best in show.  JM's power ball (does he have to investigate trademark infringement on his off hours?) was a little unwieldy for a slider, but decent.  Ryan and JM both enjoyed the pork slider, which was nicely prepared.  Marijka, the vegetarian in the group, felt that the sweet potato sliders were just meh, and given it was her only option, she had double down on them.  Sadly, Slide seems to be one of those places where the veg option is an afterthought to what they really want to do.

Slide sweet potato sandwiches

There's a lot of great carts in Madison, so we wouldn't likely be forced into this one.  If the chips were having a less gritty day, we'd recommend them and the sauces as side and suggest you get your entree elsewhere.  It's not bad, but even for cart food, it is a little messy and doesn't wow.


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