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Silly Yak Bakery & Bread Barn

In a word: A glu-8 out of glu-10.

The specs: #01049  
7866 Mineral Point Rd., Madison 53717
Details at Yelp, official website, Facebook

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JM and Nichole ate the cinnamon apple bread and a couple M&M cookies.
The bill was like $10 or less.
JM gave Silly Yak Bakery & Bread Barn a B+; Nichole gave Silly Yak Bakery & Bread Barn an A- (see our grading rubric).

This specialty bakery vends at markets and through other retailers, but also runs its own pretty small space on Mineral Point Rd. It feels like a cross between a Williamson St. bread shop and the Hostess factory outlet.  There are bottles of soda and juice cold, and the gluten-free bakery section is walled off from the "The Bread Barn" side where englutenated bread stuffs roll off the line. We opted for the latter.

Apple cinnamon bread

We picked up some apple cinnamon bread that was tasty enough on its own but grew multiples once we used it to make French toast. Very, very nice.

There were also some M&M cookies that came back. They were still moist and tasty up to a week after we bought our three pack.

Nichole's a fan of their dark Bavarian rye for Braunschweiger sandwiches, too.

The Silly Yak side of the operation maintains many resources for gluten free eating on their website, and their products have a big fan base. A truly win-win.


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I sure do miss your posts as I look forward to reading them every week. So, are you giving it a break or quitting, ....eerrrr?

We're still around, just a little more casual. A new post (Silver Eagle) will go up August 3, and more to come after that.

Glad you enjoy reading, thanks for coming back!

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