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Señor Peppers

In a word: Rations: Filling.

The specs: #01046  
108 Janesville St., Oregon 53575
Details at Yelp, official web site, Facebook, Twitter

Latest Señor Peppers news and reviews

Anne ate the crab and shrimp chimichanga.
JM ate the steak burrito with a lemonade.
John ate the Sinaloa (shrimp) enchiladas with an horchata.
Nichole ate the mole-smothered chicken.
We tried the flan.
The bill was $29, or $15ish/person, plus tip.
Anne and John gave Señor Peppers a B; JM and Nichole gave Señor Peppers a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Nestled right in the square of downtown Oregon is a better than expected Mexican place. Señor Peppers is not the Madison area's best Mexican by any stretch of the imagination, but other than Palenque in McFarland, Dane County south of the beltline (once past Madison and Fitchburg) fails the south of the border test in most cases. Sr. Peppers meets the challenge and, when we're in town, makes for one of the better meals we've had.

The place could only be described as hopping on this mid-spring evening. Tables turned quickly but were rarely empty even on the front stoop where diners were enjoying one of the first nice days of the season. 

John and Anne were eager try the place out; we all noted the variety of chicken and beef options on the menu, which featured a paucity of pork.

Crab and shrimp chimichanga

John got his traditional horchata which was standard, if maybe a little thin. They both opted for seafood as well and the experience was a mixed bag. Anne found that her crab and shrimp chimichanga was a little too large to finish, while John's Sinaloa enchiladas were good but maybe not the best combination to sample here.

Sinaloa enchiladas

Nichole had about half of her mole-smothered chicken because she was saving room for flan.  It reheated nicely and was a nice take on the mole experience. 

Mole-smothered chicken

JM had a steak burrito, which is a good standard metric.  This one was one of the better ones he'd had but he wished the saucing were a touch more generous.

Steak burrito

If you want chips and salsa and Park St. is too far away, Mister Peppers awaits. And wouldn't you like to eat at Peppers, too?



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