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Sconnie Bar

In a word: "Everybody's Somebody's Bar" - Sconnie Francis.

The specs: #01045  
1421 Regent St., 53719
Details at Yelp, official web site, Facebook, Twitter

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JM ate the Sconnie Burger with fries and a lemonade.
Karen ate the grilled cheese with waffle fries and a beer.
Nichole ate the grilled cheese with tomato bisque.
The bill was $32, or $11ish/person, plus tip.
JM gave Sconnie Bar a B-; Karen gave Sconnie Bar a B; Nichole gave Sconnie Bar a C+ (see our grading rubric).

Sconnie bar took over the space where Lucky's on Regent was when it moved down to 1313. In other words, this is another campus sports bar with campus sports bar quantities of TVs and beer specials. It is not, per se, known for its food.  This is not to say that Sconnie Bar doesn't have some good food ideas, but their heart is in keeping people entertained during televised sports ball events and Badger football game days.


JM tried a specialty of the house, the Sconnie burger. This is a bacon cheeseburger with an additional split brat.  The brat was quite good, the cheeseburger was not. It ended up just being a lot of food without really having much raison d'etre. JM also got fries which were quite nice and potatoey. Very thick planks of potatoes fried to a nice yellow-brown, and paired well with ketchup.

Grilled cheese

The librarians both got that night's special: the $1 grilled cheese. Nichole paired hers with a rich tomato bisque. Karen added waffle fries with a side of jalapeño ranch that was the true highlight of the meal. Thick and bold, the sauce was put together by someone who cares. The grilled cheese themselves were standard, if a little on the light side. But for a dollar, what did we expect? One could have eaten them by the basketful.

Waffle fries

If being Sconnie means needing access to quality beer over quality food, well, this place has earned its name. That said, many other places nearby are better able to thread the needle (thinking here of Jordan's Big 10, but there are others) between supper, sports, and suds. And we're sure on Badger game day it could never be as bad as Grid Iron was.

Bonus, apropos of the name "Sconnie" - did you know the big heads at Library of Congress has given thought to whether the term "cheeseheads" is pejorative? They sure have. They think of everything!


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