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Schwoegler's Entertainment Center

In a word: Mark it a 4, dude.

The specs: #01044 
444 Grand Canyon Dr., 53719
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JM and Nichole ate the sausage and mushroom pizza with a lemonade and a soda.
The bill was $14, or $7/person, after coupon, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave a Schwoegler's Entertainment Center a C+ (see our grading rubric).

Fate had conspired to keep JM from Schwoegler's once. JM was going to go in and bowl, but upon putting his car in park and rolling up the window, the window promptly shattered. He would not have been able to go bowling with that going on.

On this bright spring day, windows intact, it was hard to imagine that many people would want to be inside a dark, cool bowling alley, but there were many there when we headed into the bar. The bar itself is not much to speak of: the atmosphere is laid back and a server removed Christmas lights while regulars made regular-type comments.  We sat near the window to get as much natural light as we could.

We opted to pull the trigger on 16" two topping pizza in order to align with a most important factor: the Bucky Book coupon we remembered to bring this time. The pizza arrived in due time, and was indeed much larger than we could consume (as expected).  For those of you that think that squares are the only way to eat a pizza, Schwoegler's is your jam. Probably because they serve to those who are also bowling, and a full wedge of pizza seems like the wrong size. Our notes include that the crust, long the most important feature of a pizza, was merely meh. It fell somewhere on the hand-tossed continuum that only works with really fresh toppings.


The only topping that struck us as fresh, though, were the mushrooms.  The sausage was standard, but we can make an argument that in Wisconsin, OK sausage is actually way below average. The sauce was strangely sweet, though this turned out just fine.  The rest of the menu is pretty bar standard: burgers, things from the fryer.

One point to make, though: Schwoegler's has a full bar and lots of sports-tune TV sets.  It may be useful to remember this when you and your friends want to pile into a bar to watch a Packer game and all the usual hangouts are SRO. (We did something similar at Vitense a few seasons back and had a lovely time.) Also: Packer games seem like ideal times to bowl.  So bring everybody for a truly entertaining Sunday afternoon.


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