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Sabores Michoacanos

In a word: Yum.

The specs: #01039  
3050 Cahill Main, Fitchburg 53711
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Allen, JM, Liz, and Nichole ate paletas, nachos, tacos, fried plantains and salchipapas with a horchata and a Fanta.
The bill was like $30ish, plus tip.
We all gave Sabores Michoacanos an A (see our grading rubric).

One of our favorite closed restaurants of this decade was Carnival's: a place where you could get junk food, made hot and fresh.  There's just something about food that is only there to taste good and not provide nourishment, especially when such care is taken to prepare it.  Sabores Michoacanos brings that idea from points south.  Much like La Michoacana (Michoacán is a state on the Pacific side near Mexico City), this place offers paletas and various forms of ice and ice cream treats, which are quite good.  It also offers up the standard Mexican grocery store fare (tacos, burritos) and a few specialties (salchipapas).  We tried to cram in as much as we could.

The coffee paletas (eat dessert first) were top notch. They tasted a bit like frozen tiramisu. The raspberry-chocolate stripes were good too.


The fried plantains and horchata were delightful.

Fried plantains

JM finally found his favorite nachos in Madison. These were the right price, and came covered with the exact things he likes with none of the things he disdains. He's willing to overlook sour cream.


The tacos al pastor were absolutely fresh and tasty, loaded with onion and lime while still being one hundred percent certain to be unnecessary calories. I mean, just look at them.


Nichole sprang for the salchipapas, which were delightful and even a bit cute (as they were cut to look like octopi). It is still just deep fried hot dogs on french fries, but who doesn't need that now and again?


The sauces on the table included the robust verde and the flame your tongue off rojo.  There were four flavors of Mexican Fanta to choose from, but only one kind of Jarritos. So make tracks to Sabores Michoacanos.


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This looks SO. GOOD. Especially the Nachos and the tacos. I might have to run over there :)

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