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Rock Sports Bar and Grille

In a word: Rack 'em and Rock 'em.

The specs: #01034  
920 W. Main St., Sun Prairie 53590
Details at Yelp, Facebook

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JM ate the
Nichole ate the
The bill was $25, or $12ish/person, plus tip.
JM gave the Rock Sports Bar and Grille an A-; Nichole gave the Rock Sports Bar and Grille a B+ (see our grading rubric).

A lot of "the wheel" has been about terrible little bars in farflung (for Dane County at least) little burgs.  Generic cheeseburgers served by nice enough locals with interchangeable décor and mass-produced meats and buns.  It is with this dread that we approached a Sun Prairie "sports bar and grille" called Rock.

It is so amazing when everything works out better than expected!

To start with, Rock seems to be a pool hall first and restaurant second. "Bar" finishes a not so distant third (closely followed by place to watch sportsball). There are not enough sports bars an apple cranberry pecan salad. And even fewer that would rush out with pecans that had been left off of it midmeal with an apology. Rock rocks the service component.


As for the salad itself, it was good with a nice mix of greens and basil lemon dressing that was just the right quantity. It does taste much better with pecans, FYI. JM's Hail Mary burger was topped with a nicely tender pulled pork. Sadly, the bacon had gone through a process where all of the delicious flavor was extracted called "becoming crispy."  The bun sadly was dissolving by 75% mark and the onion straws didn't add much flavor sadly.  The seasoned fries on the side, though, molto bene.  


We did not shoot a round of pool (though JM did then buy a mini pool table at the St. Vinnie's down the strip), but we noticed that these pool tables were immaculate.  The prices seem reasonable and the crowning touch, a hand crafted scoring abacus above each tables' light, made the pool like a reason to come all on its own.  So, shoot some stick and watch the big game while consuming very well-thought out food service by pleasant staff.  So much better than expected.


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