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Red Rock Saloon

In a word: Too much and not enough.

The specs: #01029   
322 W Johnson St., 53703
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JM and Nichole ate the three meat meal, and JM got a lemonade.
The bill was $25, or $12.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Red Rock Saloon a C+; Nichole gave Red Rock Saloon a C (see our grading rubric).

Red Rock Saloon is trying to be all things to no people.  

Red Rock is not really a country bar. Despite the mechanical bull sitting idle and license plates framing the booths, Red Rock didn't seem to be so much a place to get your country on as it is a place to eat or drink with a very, very large group of friends.  If that includes line dancing, we don't know where you'd find it. While we were there, the juke box seemed more soft in intensity of tune, if not volume.

Red Rock is not really a sports bar. The game played silently above the bar and one of the two patrons was watching it, but it would be hard to see if lots wanted to watch it anyway.

Red Rock is not really a barbecue place. We split three meats: brisket, pork and chicken. Of these, the brisket was above average, the chicken and pork below it.  The pork was very dry, so it was the perfect vehicle to try their 3 sauces: outlaw, signature and rum. None of these was as good as the sauces at Brickhouse (located literally two blocks away), though the signature was much better than the other two, which suffered from trying to hard and not trying hard enough. The bleu cheese slaw was OK, but was not really bleu chees-y and the onion straws were all batter and no cattle.  The Texas toast and cornbread muffin were adequate.

Red Rock three meat

Red Rock is not really popular.  This was JM's second trip and never has he seen more than 10 people in Red Rock, even on $1 burger Wednesdays. The footprint here is large (a barn for the mechanical bull, if you will). Maybe at 1AM on Saturday, you cannot get a sheet of paper through the door for all the drunk college kids, but otherwise, we have seen no proof that Red Rock is a destination for anyone.

Red Rock is not really worth your time.  You can get better food and better atmos within two blocks of here.  That said, if you want to ride a mechanical bull, the line seems pretty short.  Our server was very nice and took good care of us, probably the most real part of Red Rock.


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