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Prairie Lanes

In a word: Suitable for framing.

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430 Clarmar Dr., Sun Prairie 53590
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JM ate the rodeo burger with fries and a Slush Puppie.
Nichole ate the turkey club with slaw.
The bill was $21, or $10.50/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Prairie Lanes a B (see our grading rubric).


Prairie Lanes had as busy a parking lot as we'd seen lately, but most tables in the restaurant and bar area were empty; the lanes, not so much. The food, and even the beer, is not really the draw when you have - bowling!

Fortunately, PL doesn't take itself too serious.  Nichole ordered a club sandwich that turned about be pretty darned good.  Served on buttered Texas toast, the turkey was not Jennie-O slapped on a sammy but actually a quite tasty fine deli-style turkey cut with enough trimmings to keep the sandwich interesting.

Turkey club

JM's rodeo burger, apart from being big enough for two people, was accompanied by some the saddest fries we've had in a while. It's not that they were cold exactly, but hard and to crunchy with almost no potato flavor left. What redeemed it for him somewhat was the possibility of getting a Slush Puppy (that's how it was listed on the menu, JM thinks it may have been a different corn syrup and ice corporation) with his meal. Come on people! Food is better with crushed ice! We cannot imagine what Tory Miller or the Bergs could do with non-alcoholic crushed ice beverages! JM cannot be the only one.

Rodeo burger

The bowling balls and alley sounds never relented while we were there, but dining area is closed off enough that it doesn't disturb. We elected to leave our own shoes on and slip into the night, knowing that if we need to knock over pins with a club sandwich we have options.


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