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Prairie Diner

Prairie DinerIn a word: Top ten on best per square foot.

The specs: #01022  
1034 Windsor St., Sun Prairie 53590
Details at Yelp, Facebook

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JM ate half orders of biscuits and gravy and French toast.
Nichole ate the two eggs scrambled, raisin toast, bacon and coffee.
The bill was $16.82, or $8.41/person, plus tip.
JM gave Prairie Diner an A-; Nichole gave Prairie Diner an A (see our grading rubric).

It's a tiny little place, crammed into an outbuilding over by the Dorn in Sun Prairie. And yes, thank God for the smoking ban.

See, Prairie Diner is ALL diner.  The tables are close and you can smell everything cooking. If you spend $10 on your food you either got enough to kill a body, or a couple of really fancy sides (like a steak).  Each food item is lovingly slapped on its cooking surface and scraped onto your plate at just the right time.  Pretension can go hang, but this stuff is so good it doesn't matter.

French toast

JM's $5 French Toast were its platonic ideal. No cinnamon swirls or fruit compotes here. Maple syrup out of a plastic bottle into the glass bottle on our table. (The half order of biscuits and gravy ended up a tad cold, but that may have been our positioning directly under the AC unit.)

Biscuits and gravy

Nichole got a good cup of coffee and then another and another. Empty cups aren't tolerated unless you say "Whoa!" As for her two eggs scrambled, bacon and raisin toast... well, Prairie Diner found new ways to make these standards taste even better.

Two eggs bacon toast

When the bill came in under $20, we wondered right away when we could come back to experience more diner perfection in the SP.

So, so good.


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