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Pleasant Springs Pub

In a word: Little burgers on the prairie.

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2630 County Hwy N, Stoughton 53589
Details at official web site, Twitter

Latest Pleasant Springs Pub news and reviews

JM ate the outlaw burger with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the dream burger.
The bill was $16, or $8/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Pleasant Springs Pub an A- (see our grading rubric).

Pleasant Springs Pub

Pleasant Springs Pub is located (in Pleasant Springs) where County N cross I-90 twixt Cottage Grove and Stoughton.  It has convenient access to Lake Kegonsa State Park, but it's probably worth a trip on its own.  That said, it is a crossroads bar in the middle of a cornfield, and some city folk (ahem) may be a little ill at ease, but we're sure you'll be fine. Connie and Bob have had this place since 2003 and it looks like they run a relaxed yet fun place.

JM nearly fulfilled his Just Can't Get Enough New Wave Hits of the 80s destiny by mentally dialing up his internal Wide Boy Awake by ordering a Chicken Outlaw but Monday night was buy one, get one burger night and we decided that was the right call.

Cheese curds

But first, hot cheese! These curds were of the stretchy, white variety with a nice jalapeño ranch on the side.  Crispy and warm, they arrived so fast after ordering that we were almost unsure that they would be fully cooked.  But, oh, were they ever.

Outlaw burger

JM opted for the outlaw burger, which comes with the zippy outlaw sauce (also available on the chicken) which was nice and tangy. The burger comes loaded with bacon, cheddar and onions (do I have to spell it out?) and was just a hair past medium rare.  But very good. Nichole's Dream Burger was nice with a good hearty patty, crunchy peanut butter, bacon and  jalapeño slices.  The burgers were greasy but not overly buttery.

Dream burger

Nichole got chips which were fine and quite thin; JM's skin-on fries on the side indicated that high quality and attention to detail predominate here.  All of the burgers and many of the sides come with specialty housemade sauces and that was what really put Pleasant Springs into the A range.  Each sauce we tasted was nicely balanced without being cloying or boring.  These are worth a trip on their own.

Our dinner was overseen by Dances with Wolves which was a sort of strange thing to be on the large screen TVs.  Monday night before MNF certainly is not a prime a sports night, but we're sure that Pleasant Springs Pub puts on the game and keeps the food and drinks coming, just don't bring a crowd of 8 and expect to get a table.


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