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Players Sports Bar

In a word: Respect the game.

The specs: #01018  
2013 Winnebago St., 53704
Details at Yelp, Facebook

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JM ate the BBQ burger with fries and a lemonade.
Nichole ate the steak sandwich with chips and a ginger ale.
The bill was $24, or $12/person, plus tip.
JM gave Players Sports Bar a B+; Nichole gave Players Sports Bar a B (see our grading rubric).

Players Sports was a decidedly mixed bag.  First off, the place was a sports bar, and though we went on a non-sporting time, the music was so loud that we couldn't enjoy much conversation.  It was also packed in such a way that we sat near one of the pool tables and had to deal with a couple of shots near the popo. Tiny and loud is starting off two steps behind -- the third was that our meal took far too long to reach our table -- we hoped it wasn't because the word rare failed to escape our lips when ordering after the word "medium."

That said, the dining area was clean and well lit and you can see most TVs from any seat in the house. Each table also comes equipped with Dashelito's hot sauce, which is as good and as local as you can get. Not all of the flavors complemented the things we ordered, but what we used we liked (though some were too spicy for us).

Steak sandwich

Nichole's steak sandwich was thickly topped with mushrooms and Swiss.  Served on a very buttery Colonial bun, this "burger" had real staying power and proved quite tasty.  JM's BBQ burger was tasty as well, especially the slathering sauce that came with it.  That said, the cheese was applied far too late in the cooking, which led to it not being melty *enough*. It came with a real tomato, which made us think that a BLT would have been a good choice too.

BBQ burger

There's a lot to recommend at Players: a burger of the day, vegan patty options, full breakfast menu (which provided inspiration for another Madison project, 52 Sandwiches) and TVs for the big game.  So, given the hole it started in, it ends up about average.  Go figure.


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