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In a word: Fore! out of Five!

The specs: #01017  
2702 Shopko Dr., 53704
Details at Yelp

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Allen ate the California wrap.
JM ate the nachos.
Liz ate the chicken bacon guacamole sandwich.
Nichole ate the beef and bleu cheese salad.
The bill was $60ish, or $15/person, plus tip.
Allen, JM, Liz and Nichole all gave Plata's a B (see our grading rubric).

We had liked Plata's when it was called Bridges, but the menu has moved decidedly downscale.  It is closer now to nicer bar food and much less likely to be a place that you'd cut your finger open with a bread knife (like JM did once at Bridges).


Our Saturday lunch seemed to hit the sweet spot between morning and afternoon tee times, which meant a lot of waiting and not a lot of table service, sadly.  The food here was uniformly decent -- not a lot of pizzazz, but everything was fresh and good, even if much of it had fallen off the back of the Sysco truck.

Chicken bacon guacamole sandwich

JM's nachos were a good balance of toppings to chips, which is actually pretty hard to get right.  It was also an appropriate lunch size portion: same.  Liz's chix bacon sammy was good but the bun, not toasted, became quite soggy by the end.  The California wrap was fine, though the guac in both the wrap and the nachos lacked character. Nichole's salad was good, with a nicely prepared hard boiled egg.

Beef and bleu cheese salad

The atmos here has fallen from country club to sports bar with commensurate price declines.  It was nice to go on a bright sunny day, but we're not golfers, and Dexter's is too close to need a sports bar like this. These days, it's not a hard pass, but it is a pass.

California wrap


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