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Paul's Neighborhood Bar

In a word: Would you be mine?

The specs: #01010   
2401 Parmenter St., Middleton 53562
Details at Yelp, official web site, Facebook

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JM ate the chix & pig sandwich.
John ate the grilled chicken.
Nichole ate the mushroom Swiss burger.
Rose ate the ribeye steak sandwich.
We split some onion rings and cheese curds.
The bill was $33, or $8ish/person, plus tip.
JM gave Paul's Neighborhood Bar an A-; John and Rose gave Paul's Neighborhood Bar a B+: Nichole gave Paul's Neighborhood Bar a B (see our grading rubric).

There are a lot of places that we missed (because they weren't on Isthmus' list our first time around) that make a certain amount of sense - small corner bars, tiny coffeeshops, c-stores etc. But Paul's Neighborhood Bar in Middleton is not one of these. It should be on every list. Just two blocks up from Three Sisters (now called My Sister's Kitchen), this tavern serves a nice range of standard Sconnie pub fare.

Onion ringsCurds

The four of us split two appetizers: the onion rings which had real onion and ended up being pretty good, and the cheese curds which arrived on the table hot, yet a little hard and definitely cornmealy.  The ranch sauce went mostly unused and was a mite too drippy to be of much help.

Chix & pigChicken breast sandwich

Everything that came on a bun was pretty great, because the buns were pretty great.  John's grilled chicken was probably the least great of the bunch, ending up a little on the dry side. Here's where the ranch dressing helped. JM's "chix & pig" was better, though the presence of bacon on his sandwich may account for that.

BurgerSteak sandwich

The burger was super buttery and had a nice Swiss and mushroom topping. It made us wonder if the meat, like that at many west side establishments, is from Knoche's. The medium rare ribeye came out to order accompanied by mushrooms as well. It too was juicy, perhaps a little too much so for Rose's taste.

Paul's has a fish fry and nice big parking lot.  There is also a ton of room, and while we ate at dinner early, it would be hard to imagine Paul's not having an open table, except maybe Friday nights or game days.  We didn't find anything on the menu that would likely make us regulars but it certainly joins Middleton's good and above list (along with Mid Town Pub, Middleton Sport Bowl, Club Tavern, and a few others).


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