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Paoli Pub

In a word: As expected.

The specs: #01008  
6893 Paoli Rd., Belleville 53508
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JM and Nichole ate the Cajun burger and fries with a lemonade.
The bill was about $10, or $5/person, plus tip.
JM gave Paoli Pub a B; Nichole gave Paoli Pub a C+ (see our grading rubric).

When we reach the end of one of these kind of days where we eat and eat and eat, we can feel overwhelmed by the mere sight of the last meal. The good news is Paoli Pub is a completely standard Wisconsin bar experience (per Isthmus, the owners also run Draft House, Murphy's and Badger Tavern). That is also the bad news.

We were fortunate to have patio seating this day, as the day was nicer than the crisply air conditioned and totally light-free interior.  We ordered a special: the Cajun burger, medium rare. Perusing the burger menu, the presence of only third- and half-pound burgers captures the imagination - big food here. So we split one with fries because it was already too much.

Cajun burger

Our burger arrived nicely cut for us and a perfect medium rare. The spicy ranch sauce that was defined as "Cajun" was quite nice, if perhaps trying too hard. The bun was a soft sesame roll that probably could have used a little more toasting. The bacon on this burger was tender, just the way JM likes it.

The fries were potato planks and plentifully provided. Some were indeed left on the plate as well rolled out the restaurant. JM's lemonade was the best he'd had that day, and that alone is worth something.

It is hard to imagine that there wouldn't be a closer standard Sconnie bar to wherever it is that you get your third- and half-pound burgers or Friday fish fry -- but it's also hard to imagine that Paoli wouldn't have one of these, too. 


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