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Paoli Bread and Brat Haus

Paoli Bread and Brat HausIn a word: Little, yellow, different.

The specs: #01006   
6890 Paoli Rd., Verona 53593
Details at Yelp, official web site, Facebook

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JM and Nichole ate the pulled pork basket and Nichole had a slice'pie.
The bill was $13, or $6ish/person, plus tip.
JM gave Paoli Bread and Brat Haus a C+; Nichole gave Paoli Bread and Brat Haus an A- (see our grading rubric).

Paoli Bread and Brat Haus was the first stop on our Wholly Paoli tour. We figured one Saturday spent sampling the town's three eponymous* eateries would be more fun than three separate road trips. So we ate light at each stop, beginning with Bread and Brat Haus.

The place is tiny and adorable (like Paoli itself) and the shed-like interior fits no more than three customers at once. Fortunately, the multiple patios and rolling green lawn behind the building offer plenty of places to be. We ordered our stuff and enjoyed some sunshine while we waited. And waited. Paoli has its own pace.

Pulled pork sandwich

But eventually a delicious pulled pork sandwich emerged. The pork was lean, and a little dry. The bun was good, though, and, despite its size, it was quite filling. JM had just hoped for something a little more compelling given the long wait. He'd be pretty unlikely, even on a bike ride, to choose the Bread and Brat Haus as his first choice.  


Nichole got a slice of pie to go. Apple, lots of cinnamon, pretty good.

Next up: Paoli Cafe.

*Or homonymous. Which is it? We're not sure.


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