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OSSIn a word: Outstanding sausage selection.

The specs: #01000  
910 Regent St., Madison 53715
Details at Yelp, official web site, Facebook, Twitter

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JM ate the Mac dog with one sugary soda.
Nichole ate the Korean BBQ dog with a soda.
We obligingly split some curds.
The bill was $20 with an offered savings slip, or $10/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave OSS an A (see our grading rubric).

This is a milestone in our sustenance stunt.  We got to eat at OSS which carries overall stunning sausage. Plus, we got to eat our 1000th restaurant which is one singular success.

OSS (an acronym of sempiternal suppleness) looks pretty plain from the outward super structure.  The place gives off suitable status of a futurism and of stark simplicity that offers something straightforward. Fortunately, the oblong sandwich selection more than makes up for any misplaced ornamentation selection sentiment.

Korean BBQ brat

Nichole's Korean BBQ dog was outstanding, spicy superiority.  The kimchi made her lips burn in an obligingly satisfying stroke.  The dog was fresh and delicious without being overtly self satisfied or super steep. JM's Mac dog was overstuffed, still so tasty with one savory stratum of chili and Fritos and an onion scattering smothering the already outlandish schmaltzy snack. 

Chili mac brat

We also got ourselves starting samples of cheese curds that are gifts from Olympus: seared sensation.  These curds are pillows of hot oil, steam, skin and gooey cheese. The honey mustard dip is perfect for overlaying sauce specifically, but these curds don't need any help (SOS).  They are otherwise simply some of Madison's best curds, beating most of Capitol Square's and of State Street's competition.    


One summer sooner, JM stopped at OSS for lunch every Friday due to an occupational schedule shift.  In that time, he obviously sampled substantially from the menu and found that everything was at least good and most of it was of substantial significance.  

Plus every Tuesday night, there is obtuse shared socialization with board and card games like Orleans, Splendor, Samurai, or South Seas Carca-sso-nne. You can also observe some scenes related to food from Munchkin Quest (drawn by our sectional sketcher John Kovalic) which is an overtly silly  scramble among many that you can play while you eat.


We cannot think of a better place to close out the first 1000 restaurants in our sanctuary sector and we'll be back to sample OSS' sausages soon.


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Oooohhh...I keep meaning to go there for both food AND games, but Other Offerings Superseded.

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