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Olde Town Coffee House

In a word: Grove for it!

The specs: #00994   
218 S. Main St., Cottage Grove, 53527
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JM ate the piggy BBQ sandwich.
Nichole ate the special eggs Benedict with a slice of pie to go.
The bill was $24, or $12/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Olde Town Coffee House an A (see our grading rubric).


Olde Town Coffee House might just be a mirage. Cottage Grove has produced just so many "meh" experiences in A to Z lore that it would be unlikely that a coffee shop in that fair city would snap the longest drought of "double As" in A to Z history (119 restaurants - Forequarter/prior record: New Glarus Hotel to The Bank - 88 restaurants). Yet, here it is.

The menu is so broad as to be unbelievable. Salads, sandwiches, full breakfast items including eggs, deli meats and cheeses, and vegan and veg fare are all represented, and not just with token items... with full menu sections.

Nichole opted for breakfast and got the eggs Benedict special, which had just two drawbacks: the muffin was not toasted quite enough to not get soggy, and the onions were a touch too plentiful. Everything else about the breakfast was top drawer: the avocado and tomato were fresh and tasty and the Hollandaise was bright with a clean flavor.


JM tried lunch, which for him meant a pulled pork sandwich with bacon and cheese. Though a bit expensive, this sandwich large and sturdy covered with delicious cheese and APPLE PINEAPPLE BBQ SAUCE.  For crying out loud, could they make this sandwich taste any better? It was filled with such tasty innards that the bun, which was mass produced somewhere nearby, didn't bother him at all. 

Piggy BBQ

Both of us enjoyed the sides of breakfast potatoes which were nicely prepared and took to 'chup and salt well.

Given that we had a borderline A experience just from the food, let us also extol in list form the other benefits of Olde Town in case jaded Madisonians still cannot convince themselves of its charms:

  • They have ample parking.
  • They are located at the eastern edge of the Glacial Drumlin trail, meaning you could get breakfast and then go and work it off with a long bike trip.
  • They sell state bike trail passes, so you can roll past the DNR cops instead of clogging up the bike trail (really people).
  • They sell Huston Farms beef at their deli counter along with other meats and cheeses.
  • Their seating varies from solo to large groups.
  • They serve pie and Nichole's was great! 
  • You can get the pie to go.

Olde Town is not a place to loll over brunch -- it is more an eat-and-get-on-with-your-day place. But it is a star, and we hope to be going back real soon.

Lucky 13


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