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In a word: No, I do vanta.

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8452 Old Sauk Rd., 53562
Details at Yelp, official web site, Facebook, Twitter

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JM ate the pizza Margherita with prosciutto.
Katie ate the pizza Margherita.
Nichole ate the pizza Napoletana.
We split the Nutella pizza.
The bill was $53, or $17ish/person, plus tip.
JM gave Novanta an A- ; Nichole gave Novanta a B+ (see our grading rubric)

It sure seems like Madison has a lot of Neapolitan pizzerias. Café Porta Alba, Naples 15 and Pizza Brutta are all still open and all got decent notes from us.  So what to make of Novanta?

Well, Novanta feels a lot more casual than most.  The space is small, like Naples 15, but not so much intimate as Noodles-like. For example, you fill your own fountain soda. There is nothing wrong with a slightly more casual version of Neapolitan pizza -- just know before you go. 

We got a Napoletana and two Margheritas, one with extra mozzarella and the other with prosciutto.  The ham didn't make onto the pizza before the pizza migrated to the table.  This the staff quickly corrected, and they even comped us a complementary pizza card. Each of the pizzas, once fully topped, was exactly as we'd want it to be: warm, crackery, with very hot cheese.  The prosciutto was quite tasty and Nichole's Napoletana was topped with her favorite, salty little fishies, which complemented the mild cheese and tangy, bright sauce very well.


Since this place is related to Porta Alba, we also had to split the Nutella dessert pizza.  In both storefronts, this is a good choice as it is the right combination of tasty and blasphemy.  This is not a place for big groups, but seems like a place that carry-out could make some sense.  Nearby office denizens take note, Novanta could easily be your lunchtime pizza place.

Nutella pizza


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