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Naples 15

In a word: 15 going on awesome.

The specs: #00986   
15 N. Butler St., 53703
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JM and Nichole ate the pizza fritti and the quattro formaggi pizza, with a lemonade.
The bill was $40, or $20/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Naples 15 a B+ (see our grading rubric).

This was our fourth visit to this little resto space tucked underneath Capital Fitness. And while eating dinner as yoga-pant-beclad strangers pad past the interior windows has always been a little strange, Naples 15 seems to be the pizza place that is in this location for the long haul.

The space is (otherwise) romantic. We got a chair by the fireplace, which enhanced the cozy mood. We had the place pretty much to ourselves. Our server was attentive and helpful, without being too much so. This is always a great relief to us.

Pizza frittaWe settled on two pizzas for two, figuring they'd make decent leftovers. The pizza fritti is - fried pizza! Feel free to read that last sentence again. The crust envelops the cheese and sauce as in a calzone, but the thinness of the crust here was a revelation. It was delicious, in that way that something fried can be both light and filling. Inside were soft cheese and salty ham. The more traditional quattro formaggi arrived second and was good as well, though it was following a hard act. Its blend of cheeses and a little greenery was simple enough to let the stellar, simple crust shine.

Quattro formaggi

This 'za showed how the pizza market is basically in three parts in Madison: the Neapolitan-style pizza market (including this, Porta Alba, Novanta and Pizza Brutta), the traditional pizza market (which covers a lot of ground from Sal's to GNP to common delivery), to the novelty pizzas (Ian's most notably).  The thing is that all of the Neapolitan places are very, very good and this is no exception.  East-siders, rejoice then. This is the one that is closest to you.


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Naples 15 sounds like they have great food. The fried pizza sounds amazing!

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