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Morgan's Bar and Grill

In a word: You can call there, on Pine Bluff.

The specs: #00988
8640 W Mineral Point Rd., Cross Plains 53528
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JM ate the cheeseburger basket with tots and a lemonade.
Nichole ate the chicken sandwich basket with chips.
The bill was $16.75, or $8.50ish/person, plus tip.
JM gave Morgan's Bar and Grill a B+; Nichole gave Morgan's Bar and Grill a B (see our grading rubric)

Morgan's baskets

Morgan's stands at the crossroads where Mineral Point meets the Cross Plains to Mount Horeb vertical. In other words, it's a townie bar in the middle of nowhere (i.e. Pine Bluff).  So, it's a trek from Madison. We walked in to the dulcet tones of New Wave and what looked to be a small office party, with a couple of pastries and store-bought meat and cheese trays occupying one of the few open tables.  The décor would be best described as "sort of island-y" without going full Buffett, though there were mannequins on surfboards in the rafters. 

The meal went pretty well. The menu is solid without being obvious. Sides of tater tots bear that out. The harshest criticism JM could give to his cheddar-topped burger is that it fell apart too fast, which meant it was cooked just as he liked it.  The rolls that were used for both burger and chicken sandwich were tasty, and served buttered and toasted. Nichole's chicken sandwich was also standard, but a nice grilled chicken is hard to find sometimes, and this was served with as fresh a tomato slice and lettuce leaf as we've seen.

The music stayed decent, and though we sat in the deserted pool room (which felt like a suburban rec room), the wait staff gave off a carefree vibe, even if we still felt clearly out of place among the regulars. You certainly can find a local that makes things of this quality near wherever you're at. But Pine Bluff has one, too, and that has made all the difference.


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