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ShakeIn a word: Will wooyah for shooyah.

The specs: #00979
6309 McKee Rd. Ste. 700, Fitchburg 53719
Details at Yelp, official web site, Facebook, Twitter

Latest Mooyah news and reviews

JM ate the cheeseburger on white with cheddar and a fountain drink.
Nichole ate the veggie burger with bacon (ha) and bleu cheese with a Reeses shake.
Sue ate the turkey iceburger with a chocolate shake.
We split some sweet potato fries & regular fries.
The bill was $37, or $12ish/person, plus tip.
JM and Sue gave Mooyah Burger a B+; Nichole gave Mooyah Burger an A- (see our grading rubric).

Mooyah is a national chain burger shop that seems to be trying to fill a gap between Five Guys and Fuddruckers. (Here's a hint, start your name with an F.)

Turkey iceburger

Burger and friesThe good news is: Mooyah actually does a pretty good job at balancing what is great about both places. The bad news is: cash money. Mooyah charges for deluxe works burgers whether you order them or not.

The build-your-own-burger concept starts, right up front, with whether to get beef, turkey, or a black bean patty as a burger. Mooyah's black bean burger is as serviceable a vehicle for burger toppings as anything other than real red meat we've tried (save grilled chicken). The turkey burger also works, though saucing or salting seems essential. Hot dogs are available, as are double patties.

Burger & sweet potato fries

Next you decide on your bun or lack thereof. Ordering an "iceburger" means that iceberg lettuce wraps up your meat and holds your carbs in check. Then you can add cheese (choose from 5 kinds), bacon, avocado and a ton of free toppings and sauces. All of the burgers that we ordered came out exactly as we'd requested, and were quite delectable.

The sweet potato fries were great, but the regular fries were one standard deviation less perfectly delicious than Five Guys' so YMMV. The shakes were good, with a multitude of mix-ins to choose from, and the presence of ice cream is probably what will win our custom more than anything else.

If you eat burgers monthly, with a group of friends or as a special treat, Mooyah is certainly a good place to honor a special occasion with its cute cafeteria-style trays and delicious sides and sauces. More often than that, though, and you'll need a cheaper cut of meat lest Mooyah make you pooyah.


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