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Main Street Lanes

Main Street Lanes In a word: Or at shops or at tea.

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1721 Main St, Cross Plains, 53528
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JM ate the deep fried chicken patty sandwich with cheese curds.
Nichole ate the Gopher burger with chive potato wedges.
The bill was $19.75, or $10ish/person, plus tip.
JM gave Main Street Lanes a B+; Nichole gave Main Street Lanes an A- (see our grading rubric).

Main Street Cross Plains is undergoing the construction of its lifetime. Everything is tore up and that made getting to this unassuming bar a big challenge.  Fortunately, this meant that we had a relatively quiet meal after we ordered inside, then sat on the patio and waited for a thunderstorm to roll in.

For a corner tavern, Main Street Lanes has an extensive and tasty menu complemented by a lunchtime salad bar.   They did not, as far as we saw, have lanes for bowling.  Though, admittedly, we didn't walk around the far corner, and the building certainly looked big enough to host them.

We were too busy hauling around a massive condiment tray: three kinds of hot sauce, two big jars of BBQ, three mustards, ketchup, steak sauce, pickles, and diced onions. This is a thing of beauty and makes Main Street Lanes excel beyond a merely decent bar burger outlet into a must visit when we're in these parts.

Nichole's gopher burger was not made of gopher, but (and? so? therefore?) it did OK on the ol' Accidental Hedonist burger rubric:

  • Bun: large, plain soft white bun, lightly toasted and unbuttered.
  • Meat: Average patty, did not appear to be made in-house.
  • Bun/meat ratio: Good - the bun was just equal to the task of holding up the insides of the burger.
  • Cheese: Good Cheddar.
  • Misc.: very good bacon that bit clean (no snaking out of the sandwich because it's not done enough, no shattering into dark chips because it's too well done). Loaded with very nice lettuce, onion, and decent tomato. Too much mayo, though. About a 7.2 of 10 overall.

JM's deep fried chicken sandwich had two patties for some reason, which was overkill. But the whole thing was slathered in mayo, which he appreciated.

Wedge fries were a good choice - they came with a side of sour cream (again, in addition to the massive condiment tray), and were warm and soft inside and crisp outside.  The cheese came in great lightly battered curds which were salty, white cheese and as small and delicate as you would want to have curd be.

Main Street Lanes dinner

Cross Plains has a real winner here. We don't normally think much about Cross Plains dining, but now we have Main Street Lanes to best literally anything else in town.


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