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Main Moon

In a word: Tranquility base.

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4850 Larson Beach Rd., McFarland 53558
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Beth, JM, John Sams, Kami, Kim, Nichole, Stephanie, and Zach ate at the buffet and each had a can of soda.
The bill was $6.50/person, plus tip.
Kami gave Main Moon an A; Beth, JM, John Sams, and Stephanie gave Main Moon a B+; Nichole and Zach gave Main Moon a B (see our grading rubric).

Buffet plate

JM's office took him out for lunch at Main Moon in McFarland, which was really nice, since it had an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet for $6.50 including a drink.  Since everyone had the buffet, we thought we'd give you their words.

Kami: Main Moon Chinese is easily found in McFarland in the strip mall next to the grocery store. The restaurant is clean, orderly and the buffet was hot and plenty of options. The staff kept restocking it as we served up. I typically go for the Sweet and Sour Chicken and theirs was good. Chicken was quality white meat, good breading and the Fried rice was very good and tasty. I would rate this restaurant with an A, good food, clean and a good lunch price of $6.50. No Crab Rangoons in the buffet otherwise I would give a + with that A.

John Sams: It was quick, the kitchen was pretty decent at keeping up, and none of the food was bad, even if it wasn't usually great either. But I love pot-stickers and egg rolls in the buffet, and the value was pretty great!

Kim: The location was clean and tidy, including the restroom. Most patrons were courteous and putting dishes into tubs that were placed out. Overall the food was better than expected. Great price for a luncheon buffet that included a beverage as well. Good selection of choices on the buffet. Egg drop soup was good in color and consistency along with a better than average flavor to others. Main dish options enjoyed were Fried Rice, Cashew Chicken and shrimp, Broccoli and chicken, and sweet and sour chicken. For me the fried scallop would be one thing that I did not care for.

Zach: I would give Main Moon a solid B. The food was better than expected, especially for the budget conscious patron. $6.50 with a free soda, you can't beat that price for a buffet! Also, the staff was courteous and speedy to replace food that was out.

Beth: The restaurant was clean. The buffet area was clean. They filled empty items quickly. The food was hot. They used small plates which was a good idea because it saved on people wasting food. I had broccoli and chicken, general tso's chicken, pork egg roll. The broccoli was cooked perfect. The flavor of the sauce in the broccoli and chicken was very tasty. The general tso's chicken was good. The chicken wasn't chewy as sometimes nuggets are. Flavor on chicken was good. The Pork egg roll was so-so. It was a little cold by time I ate it so that might have something to do with it. It was a little chewy. 

Stephanie: Cheap (inexpensive) and good food; almost instantly eating once we walked in the door - after we figured out the table/chair situation. Had the sweet and sour chicken, white rice, fried rice, fried donuts, general tso's chicken, chicken and broccoli, "three ingredient" dish, and lo mein noodles. I meant to go back to try the egg roll, but the time I went back, they were out, but probably for only about 30 seconds, until they brought out more. Everything was better than expected. Temperature-wise: all good - Fresh even. Nothing appeared to have sat out for too long. Nothing was too spicy for my immature palate. I enjoyed everything. Only complaint was the white rice which was either slightly over-done or under-done (just a bit sticky/chewy/clumpy), but still edible. Good diet coke can. And finished off the meal with a fortune cookie, which I did not eat.

All in all, Main Moon is pretty decent Chinese cuisine with an affordable lunch buffet, which makes it worth it.  No one was disappointed and certainly no one left hungry.


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