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In a word: Artisanal Kraft.

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2804 Prairie Lakes Dr. 106, Sun Prairie 53590
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JM ate the Big Memphis with a fountain drink.
Nichole ate the small chipotle with a wedge salad and a fountain drink.
The bill was $28, or $14/person, plus tip.
JM gave Macs an A-; Nichole gave Macs a B (see our grading rubric).

When every other kid in elementary school polled said their favorite food was pizza (and it really felt like this was true), JM stood firm.  It was macaroni & cheese. And while Nichole loves it as well, she is not "in love" with it quite as much as JM. Which leads us to MACS, which is a acronym for Macaroni and Cheese Shop. 

On offer are 12 different varieties of the iconic dish with various meats and spices thrown in to offer something for nearly every eater.  They come in two sizes: the small (or: probably about a normal serving and if anything a little big) and the large (carb bomb). Each is served with a couple pieces of bread and cheese and cheese and cheese. There are also a handful of wrap options available.

Big Memphis

JM's Memphis was wonderful, with tender meat and a zingy sauce without straying too far into heat for heats sake.  The cheese that comes with dishes is pretty mild.  This is probably because the sauces and meats are meant to be the stars of the show and the mac & cheese serves as a canvas.  But if you're specializing in it, maybe you should go the extra mile and make the cheese a little sharper and flavorful and less on the non-descript white end. That said, it was a lot of food.

Small chipotle

Wedge saladNichole's chipotle mac was also spicy but pretty good. The sauce was creamy and the chicken really shone through. The salad, however, is easily worth avoiding. It ended up as a bitter and pale experience caused by bitter and pale greens.

The service is great and, despite the high price tag, MACS would be  a good place to take a couple of children for a "nice" bowl of mac & cheese.  The little frying pans that they are served in offers an opportunity to reflect on the food freshness and cooking technique, while also being cool like Pizza Hut personal pans were cool back when JM had to fight against the tide.

It should be no surprise, then, that MACS is kind of a reverse Ian's: taking mac & cheese and treating it like pizza. 8-year-old JM would have certainly approved.


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Oh this looks amazing! But it always confuses me when macaroni and cheese comes with bread; I think it comes with a pretzel roll at the Great Dane. Of course that doesn't stop me from ordering it!

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