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LegendsIn a word: If you're reading this it's too late.

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439 Grand Canyon Dr., 53719
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JM ate the nachos.
John at the hamburger.
Nichole ate the chicken sandwich.
The bill was about $10/person plus tip.
John gave Legends a B+; JM gave Legends a C+; Nichole gave Legends a B (see our grading rubric).

We went to Legends on a slow night at the end of January.  There was no big game on the screens, just minor NBA action. Legends is really big.  Not quite a west side Pooley's, but maybe a Damon's in its day kind of place.  We settled into the long bank of booths and were served pretty quickly.

JM went for one of his standards: nachos, no olives.  These were decent, but not great.  It seemed like they had gotten a little too much heat as they were being warmed for serving and some of the chips tasted more burnt than they should have.  The toppings were mostly standard, but things that could have been fresh, or fresher, were canned in some circumstances. 


John found a pretty good burger. Served on toasted ciabatta, this cheeseburger was served at a juicy medium rare as ordered. The cheese was cheddar, though many more options were available, and the bacon, lettuce and tomato were all fresh and well prepared. 

Nichole's chicken was also pretty good. The large piece of chicken was tender and not overdone.  The bun could have been toasted, but was otherwise up to the task.

Chicken sandwichBurger on ciabatta

There's a lot we left on the table, so to speak.  With an extensive menu of apps, wraps, salads and steak dinners, Legends could be a place that is easy to take co-workers for after work drinks and food or to watch the big game.  We were not watching the game when the Badgers defeated Kentucky recently in the Final Four.  We were out and about.  And every place in Madison was dead.  But not Legends, which must have had overflow into Delaney's parking lot it was so full. So that's what it is for.

BTW, their kids' menu is called "Future Legends," which is pretty cute.


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Legends is my "have a beer while my car gets serviced" place. The veggie panini is pretty decent too.

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