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Legend at Bergamont

Legend at BergamontIn a word: A fair way to spend a meal in Oregon.

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699 Bergamont Blvd., Oregon 53575
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JM ate the haddock fish fry with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the BLT with five star mushroom soup.
We split a piece of cheesecake.
The bill was $36, or $18/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Legend at Bergamont a B (see our grading rubric).

Onion rolls

Tee-off: The Legend at Bergamont is a super swanky Oregon golf course. It was a long drive to get there - it's nearly as far from US 14 as Brooklyn is. The place itself was a wood-paneling and cavernous-space affair, perfect for wedding receptions and high school formals that we would have never been invited to. You'll want to use your 1 wood.

Five star mushroom soup

Fairway drive: The sound of pop hits from the last 30 years - arranged for strings - led to a fun game of name that tune, which preempted conversation (and caused us to look up the performers, the Vitamin String Quartet, later. Neat.). The entire staff seemed to be earnest 20-somethings who handled the dining room well, though it took a little getting used to the open kitchen. It felt to us a little too much like a hallway for a dining room.

Slice: It turns out that menu is upscale, too. Pricey, but not overly pricey standard Wisco fare with locally sourced ingredients. Nichole partook of the five star mushroom soup or, if you will, liquid stuffing, as it was so packed with butter, sage and thyme. It did complement the soft onion rolls that were provided for all tables.

Haddock fish fry

Out of the bunker and onto the green: JM's haddock fish fry was pretty good. Haddock can taste fishy, and these pieces were warm bursts with a hot, golden exterior. (Perch and cod were also available.). The potato pancakes did not fare so well. Dark and overly cooked, they could have been hockey pucks; potato pancakes have a limited window for excellence and these went too far beyond. His side of broccoli was OK, even though Nichole ate most of it. Her BLT was described in the menu as including sundried tomatoes, but it came with average, fresh tomato slices. The bacon was tasty, sure, and the Bibb lettuce was good, too. But the tomato makes the BLT, and the omission was a bit of a let down.

BLT and sweet potato fries

A long putt into the hole: The salty caramel cheesecake on a pretzel crust was really quite good, but wasn't enough to recapture some of the earlier glory.  For these prices and at this distance, the wind would have to be at our back to birdie here.  As it was, a double bogey - and we'll stick to the mini golf.



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