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La Michoacana

La MichoacanaIn a word: Don't be a sucker; get one instead.

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6712 Odana Road, 53719
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JM ate an Oreo paleta.
Nichole ate a mangonada.
The bill was about $7 plus tip.
JM gave La Michoacana an A- ; Nichole gave La Michoacana an A (see our grading rubric).

Thanks to a tip from friends, we've been fans of La Michoacana since it opened in the dead of winter (much like it is now, as we post this).  Last summer, it served as a great place to take people for a simple dessert after any west side meal, and now we hear they're working on opening a second location on East Wash, in the former Taqueria Sabor Queretano space. And more paleta palaces have popped up since. Great!

La MichoacanaThe idea is these very simple, very tasty popsicles that frequently have fresh fruit (or in the case of the one JM chose) huge chunks of cookie.  We have probably, over the course of their one year in business, tried twenty of their flavors. While every one doesn't necessarily demand a retrial, there has never been one that we haven't finished. (Well, the texture of frozen cucumber was the only one that could be called an acquired taste.) Seriously, someone could eat every one of these in rainbow order and blog about it.

La Michoacana

For this "official" visit, Nichole settled on the mangonada with, and we're probably describing this wrong, chamoy fruit leather around the straw. The sticky mixture of pickled fruit paste, citrus, and chili is spicy, salty, sweet and sour deliciousness. They also make a paleta version of mango with chili, which she finds unmatched. The English fluency of the staff can vary greatly, but everyone will let you point and sample, and the menu on the wall provides some translations if you don't know your fresa from your queso (and yes, there is a queso paleta.) La Michoacana also has hot cocoa, aguas frescas and savory snacks like elote and tostilocos, but we haven't tried those yet.

We recommend going back again and again. 

La Michoacana


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