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Koffee Kup

Koffee KupIn a word: Raise a glass without feeling mugged.

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355 East Main Street, Stoughton 53589
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JM ate the prime rib dinner.
Nichole ate the soup and sandwich combo with coffee and a piece of pie.
The bill was $27, or $13.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Koffee Kup a B+; Nichole gave Koffee Kup an A- (see our grading rubric).

Koffee Kup is a kute spot on Stoughton's Main Street. We went for dinner in November on a night the Opera House next door was having a show, and barely missed the rush; eating unfashionably early paid off again. It seemed like there were lots of regular customers there, and the service was friendly to everybody. A whole pot of coffee at the table was a buck. A buck! That's a good value. Plus they've recently made the commendable move of switching from an inferior brand of soft drink to Coke.

As for the menu, Koffee Kup is a full service small town diner that serves breakfast all day. Daily specials  of hot sandwiches round out the menu. Nichole's soup was chicken noodle and also hearty and rich. It featured thick noodles, carrots, celery, and a bit of onion. The only drawback was that there was not quite as much chicken as you'd hope.  As for the bacon and cheese sandwich, the homemade bread was delicious and the bacon was nicely smoked.

Chicken soupGrilled cheese and bacon

JM's prime rib was served, as he said, "au Kegonsa." This is to say that it came in a lake of its own juice.  It was certainly as tender as good prime rib, and he did have to eat it quickly lest it cool, since anything beyond medium rare is simply murdering a prime rib. Served with mushrooms, it was some of the best he's had outside of a meat-specific venue, up there with Old Feed Mill's.  The cole slaw was nothing spectacular, but the side of spuds was nice.

Prime rib, coleslaw, potatoes

Koffee Kup serves up pie and other baked goods as well.  Our meal was a good value, too, since half the total $27 was the prime rib. All in all, Stoughton kontributes another nice place to eat.

Pumpkin pie


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Best deal anywhere. Bacon and eggs should not be $8 and, as mentioned, the incredible coffee prices. And then Fosdal's is just a block away.

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