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KJ's Curry Bowl

KJ's Curry BowlIn a word: Curries some favor.

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7005 Tree Ln., 53717
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Tea and milkshakeJM ate the BBQ pork.
Nichole ate the string hoppers with black tea.
We split three curry flavor chicken satays and a vanilla milkshake.
The bill was $35, or $17.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave KJ's Curry Bowl a B+; Nichole gave KJ's Curry Bowl an A- (see our grading rubric).

KJ's Curry Bowl bounced back from a kitchen fire early in its tenure at their location across from Madison Memorial High. It is hard to believe that subcontinental cuisine appeals to 14 to 18 year old Madisonians, but KJ's seems to be taking it in stride. 

Curry chicken satay

We split an appetizer of chicken satays that we good and chewy with a nice curry flavor and good warmth for a fall night.  JM got the BBQ pork, which was just a pile of BBQ pork served over rice with a nice side of cabbage.  Hard to imagine that this was an Asian delicacy, but it tasted pretty good.

String hoppers

The string hoppers were one of KJ's weekly Sri Lankan specials. And they were really good. A nice buttery dal and tasty chicken curry came in little bowls, with the haystack-shaped rice noodles on the side and spicy, granular coconut sambol for garnish. Nichole's pretty sure she needs more practice at eating them properly (sounds like "smooshing" is involved).

BBQ pork

The vanilla shake and some of the varied menu choices (Cajun and Mexican?) may indeed be sops to the HS crowd, which is awesome.  Nothing we tasted came off as fake, and the service was really attentive, which was nice especially with as many questions as we had. Although, the pan flute music versions of song that topped the US, UK and Australian charts in 80s?  As annoying as you'd expect.  Just focus on your company and talk about how much you like your food.


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THEY STILL PLAY PAN FLUTE MUSIC? Wow. We were there months ago - almost a year? - and the pan flute music almost drove us insane.

we've been here twice but not in awhile. Really liked the curries and the satay!! We had a really good, traditional dessert, too - it might have been the wattalapan.

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