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Update: JD's looks pretty closed.

JD'sIn a word: Opens at 10... PM...

The specs: #00919   
317 N. Bassett St. 53703
Details at Yelp, JD's Soul Food on Urbanspoon

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JM and Nichole split a Polish.
The bill was $5ish plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave JD's a B+ (see our grading rubric).

We're old. This rarely makes it a problem to get A to Z meals done, since we can eat early among our blue-haired brethren and be done. But with JD's we actually had a problem.

See, we have nothing against bar time food per se. But normally bar time food is available before bar time and is something we prefer to eat earlier, namely, "not at bar time." JD's, not so much. Their menu of Chicago-style fare - steakburgers on white toast, pork chop sandwiches, sausages slathered in onions and mustard, fries, and wings - is served at a food cart and at their ground-floor restaurant where Gorham bifurcates into Bassett and University.

It was a hassle to get there: our schedule had us swinging by JD's after a late evening dinner party so we were not that hungry (besides, we're never that hungry approaching midnight). It was a hassle to get in: loitering bros littered the place and finding the head of the line was a challenge.  It was a hassle getting food: the wait was nearly ten minutes and, with no place to park, we had to split the party. It was a hassle getting home: not wanting to merely consume and entire sausage on the steps of JD's, or in the car at a red light while the Wando's crowds wandered in traffic, we drove the ten+ minutes home to our own kitchen. We ate standing up (which annoyed the dog, who got her hopes up but knows she can't have sausage).

JD's beef polish

But, damn, it was a good sausage.

And that's fortunate, because before we tried it we didn't understand how a place that opens after a third of the city is already in bed could hold down rent in a campus-area first floor mixed-use space.


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Your dog is lined up perfectly relative to the sausage...it looks like she is going to take a bite!

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