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Hack's Sports Page

Hack's Sports PageUpdate 6/9/15: Hack's burned.

In a word: Front page news for a small town paper.

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126 Braun Rd., Oregon, 53575
Details at Yelp, Hack's Sports Page on Urbanspoon

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JM ate Bucky's BBQ Burger with fries and a lemonade.
Nichole ate Hack's Cheesesteak with fries.
The bill was $22, or $11/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Hack's Sports Page a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Hack's in Oregon is located right at the north end of town.  The lot is small and the message as you enter is mixed, but the menu clearly changes all of that.

Hack's seems to be peopled by some transplanted Madison types who have taken over a small sports bar.  Sure, there are TVs on every wall and Bucky paraphernalia everywhere, but the specials board reveals that this place has some depth and isn't just a Sysco-supplied Sconnie saloon. The soups are homemade; the specials included a Greek tuna wrap and chipotle chicken with avocado. Is this Oregon or Oregon?

Nichole got the cheesesteak which was a big thing encased in a lightly toasted hoagie roll.  The peppers and onions had much of their flavor seared into them, while the melty Swiss cheese topped it off right.

Hack's cheesesteakBurger basket

JM's BBQ burger was done exceedingly well, though it may have been just too much food.  For reference, look at this:


That barely fit into his mouth.  The onion rings may have been a little overdone for a sandwich, but the patty was thick and the sauce was quite tasty.  The tomato and lettuce were probably overkill, but gave it a little bit of salad which is good. By the time he realized there was bacon, he was already a few bites in.

The service was attentive and excellent, though the draft root beer was sadly discontinued. This place seems like a good stop for a large group as there are several picnic tables for group seating to meet up with the gang and watch the big game while having room to play Agricola after the food is cleared away.  Plus, like so many bars, weekend breakfasts have cropped up here.  If this were in Madison, it would be as much a staple of its neighborhood as Vintage or Mickey's or Dexter's.


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You just convinced me to finally give their Fish Fry a try.

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