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Gus's Diner

Gus's DinerIn a word: Gus-tatory middlingness.

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630 N. Westmount Dr., Sun Prairie 53590
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JM ate the BBQ burger with clam chowder, fries and a lemonade.
Nichole ate the Monte Cristo with fries, cottage cheese and a decaf.
Rose ate the senior butterfly shrimp with baked potato, side salad and a decaf.
The bill was $32, or $11ish person, plus tip.
JM gave Gus's Diner a C+; Nichole and Rose gave Gus's Diner a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Gus's Diner is a shiny oasis out by Token Creek. It's got the simluated nostalgia of a Blue Plate, the fare of a Coppertop, and the salad bar of a spot dwelling somewheres between Wendy's and an old school supper club. The service was more than awesome. Also, the tableside juke boxes recall nothing less than a Happy Days version of the 50s.

Clam chowderStarters came out immediately, with the entrees hot on their heels. A side salad was made up of the standard greens, with plenty of dressing. Clam chowder was fine, and cottage cheese was too.

Shrimp basket

Rose opted for the butterfly shrimp with baked potato.  The six shrimp tasted good, but she said "there wasn't much to them."

BBQ Bacon Burger

JM got the BBQ burger, which had very little discernible BBQ. The onion straws seemed to be mostly breading, and didn't impart much onion flavor next to the hearty but presumably pre-patted patty and thick bun. A veritable side of lettuce appeared with a sad small tomato slice.

Monte Cristo

Nichole's knee-jerk reaction was to get the Monte Cristo. It was heavy, with thick slices of ham and turkey. Crinkle fries were floppy but fine.

The menu was huge, as it is wont to be at such places, and as we left we concluded that we'd come back if it was suggested, and that the desserts - particularly the soda fountain - are probably Gus's Diner's strong suit. We were too stuffed, though, so we'll have to leave that experience for another time or to another's teeth.


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We finally tried this place last weekend. My husband loved his bacon, eggs, and pancakes - but then bacon, eggs, and pancakes are pretty much the same wherever you go. I was trying to eat healthy, but the only healthy-ish looking options on the menu appeared to be salads or a couple of the wraps. The salads all seemed to come topped with bacon and cheese, so I opted for a grilled chicken & veggie wrap. Unfortunately, they appeared to have fried the thing after assembling all those healthy ingredients. Yikes. I would rate the food as OK - not bad but certainly nothing to write home about. The atmosphere was fun and the service was great. I don't know if I'd go back there if left to my own devices, but if a friend suggested going there, I'd be fine with that.

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