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Great Scott's Pizza

In a word: Decent, Horeb-able food.

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1213 Springdale St., Mount Horeb 53572
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JM and Nichole ate the honey mustard chicken pizza with a couple sodas.
The bill was $20, or $10/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Great Scott's Pizza a B (see our grading rubric).

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Great Scott's, a little nook on the near side of Mount Horeb, provides good pizza and great service. It has an 80's look (think: random triangle logo), though it was founded in 2006. It's mostly delivery and carryout, but there are three booths along the window, which we availed ourselves of on a snowy February night.

They've got lots of specialty 'zas, plus salads, toasted subs, baked penne (cavatini, with chicken and Alfredo, or classic, with red sauce), chicken wings and chicken bites, and Chocolate Shoppe by the pint.

It being Mount Horeb, we thought something with America's favorite yellow condiment was apropos. So we went for the honey mustard chicken on a thin crust. The theme was thin, with wafers of Canadian bacon and narrw strips of chicken breast. The toppings went all the way to the edge, and there was lots of gooey cheese. Oddly enough this was the second consecutive pizza we'd had with honey as an ingredient. Here the mustard was very sweet and almost, but not quite, all honey-flavored.

Honey mustard chicken pizza

They really stand behind their product, with a satisfaction guarantee, a competitor trade-in deal, and an assertion on the menu that their large pizzas, at 16", are 30% bigger than chain stores' large. On a square inch basis, this is true if the large is 14". The math tickled our fancy. Plus it brought to Nichole's mind her complicated formulas for buying pizza for large groups (start at 50 sq. in. per adult and go from there). The other day when someone bought pizza for a group and actually thought to ask the folks at the pizza place how much to get, she was reminded that asking an expert is also a perfectly valid form of information seeking behavior.


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