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Gamers Grill

In a word: Why roll the dice?

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4002 Evan Acres Rd., 53718
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JM ate the fish tacos.
Nichole ate the chili.
The bill was $10, or $5/person, plus tip.
JM gave Gamers Grill a C; Nichole gave Gamers Grill a D+ (see our grading rubric).

Since the last time we went to this snack bar, they have changed the name, dramatically changed the fare, and gotten written up in the paper for real. It was time to return. Gamers Grill has free fountain Pepsi and good service. It's clean but loud and though there's a nonsmoking "section," that casino smell is ubiquitous. We had forgotten how much it bothered us, actually. 

Nichole's chili came with tons o' crackers, but was a mite gloppy.  There were also a couple of pebbly bits in the first 2 bites, which was unsettling. The chili included beef, kidney beans, and onions, all of which were flavored in equal parts chili powder and desperation. JM's fish tacos were at least a newish idea even if they also didn't shine. Served on a flour tortilla with iceberg lettuce, these tacos screamed non-threatening even as they took more calories hostage than necessary. The fried cod version of fish taco always feels like a mistake rather than an intriguing culinary mash-up.

ChiliFish tacos and fries

We will note that the service was quite good, which is a big part of the casino experience. But Las Vegas, this ain't. It's not even really the Dells.


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In a word: blech. I was forced to eat here recently because there was no other on-site choice when I joined friends for a day (well, a few depressing hours (how ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm once they've seen Vegas?)) of "gaming." Our party included some otherly-abled folks for whom leaving for a meal and then returning would've been a big hassle, so we were stuck. That my overriding memories of the plethora of dishes we all shared are "greasy," "room temperature," "help! my tongue!," and "old oil smell" is all you need to know about consuming anything here. No one but dedicated bloggers (you two are so brave) or the trapped should choose to eat here.

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