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4&20 Bakery & Cafe

FlowersUpdate 5/4/17: 4&20 is closed.
In a word: Awesome bakery in real time.

The specs: #00878  
305 N. 4th St., 53704
Details at Yelp, 4 & 20 Bakery and Cafe on Urbanspoon
Official web site, Facebook

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JM ate the biscuits and gravy, a piece of banana bread, and a milk.
Nichole ate the breakfast biscuit with Swiss cheese, egg, bacon, and kale, with a side of green grapes and a latte.
The bill was $21, or $10ish/person, plus tip.
JM gave 4&20 Bakery & Cafe an A-; Nichole gave 4&20 Bakery & Cafe an A (see our grading rubric).

  1. 4&20 is pretty great.
  2. They've been open behind the Milio's next to James Reeb Unitarian for a while now.
  3. The way the list and the wheel worked out for us, we didn't get there until now.
  4. We're so glad they're still there, but with a simple and delicious menu like this there's every reason they'll be around for a while.
  5. We both got biscuits. No regrets there.
  6. JM's plate of B&G came with three biscuits, which were honestly among the best he's had.
  7. There was ample gravy.
  8. It packed such a strong, fresh black pepper kick that we're surprised it was nothing to sneeze at.
  9. Get it?
  10. The breakfast sandwich was Nichole's second.
  11. This makes Nichole a cheater.
  12. The precise round of egg, house-cured bacon, melted Swiss all added up to awesome.
  13. Plus, kale!
  14. If you like vegetables and really good cheese for breakfast, 4&20 can Hook's you up.
  15. See #9.
  16. Coffee was good.
  17. Milk was organic.
  18. [This list item was repealed by #21.]
  19. The banana bread was simple and deliciously moist.
  20. The small dining room is pleasant and bright.
  21. Nichole accidentally locked herself in the bathroom. 
  22. The service was quick.
  23. We'll go back.
  24. Pictures!

Biscuits and gravyBreakfast biscuit


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