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Fit Fresh Cuisine

In a word: Fits.

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2881 Commerce Park Dr., 53719
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JM ate the buffalo chicken wrap.
John ate the Italian club panini.
Nichole ate the Mambo salad.
Rose ate the Hybrid panini.
The bill was $33, or $8ish/person, plus tip jar.
Nichole gave Fit Fresh Cuisine an A-; John gave Fit Fresh Cuisine a B+; JM and Rose gave Fit Fresh Cuisine a B (see our grading rubric).

Fit Fresh Cuisine is next to Hybrid Fitness out in Fitchburg. The menu is definitely fitness-friendly, right down to detailed nutrition info and plenty of "superfoods." We got carryout, but there's a small dine-in area. To drink, there's a cooler with kombucha, performance drinks and smoothies (if memory serves), plus big coolers of water infused with lemon, orange or cucumber. In-store they also sell bottles of their salad dressings, which can also be found in groceries around town.

Quinoa and spinach saladSpeaking of salad, oddly enough the "Mambo" salad loaded with quinoa was one of the heavier items we tried. The portion of grain was anything but dainty, but the flavors of Roth Kase chevre, green onion, and a wee bit of avocado melded well. Toasted almonds added much-needed texture, and the spinach base was great. The wee cup of mango emulsion was delicious.

Looking to the sandwiches, we found stuff to like. The Hybrid - ham and Hook's cheddar with arugula, apple and lots of whole grain mustard - was a nice mix, though the apple was underrepresented. The Italian club with turkey, ham and mozzarella was good, but its pesto dominated. Other than the cheese, there was no other Italian influence per se, the ham and turkey being pretty plain proteins.

Hybrid paniniItalian panini

Buff chix wrapJM was not so enthused about the menu. He ran into the "one ingredient" problem - that almost every menu item had just one thing in it that he would rather not eat. This process of elimination led him to the Buffalo chicken wrap. Even then, the blue cheese flavor (the ingredient he'd have skipped here) dominated what otherwise was a fine spicy chicken sandwich.

Certainly, there's no shortage of people willing to bike up that hill and get some nutritious and mostly delicious cuisine from Fit Fresh.  Just don't expect to add bacon.


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Does JM have a rule against asking for items to be left off sandwiches. I noticed in another post that he didn't get a lot of items at Panera because he didnt like one ingredient.

I've driven past the sign on PD many times since moving to a nearby neighborhood but could only imagine what the place was about. I'm glad I now know! To be clear, these prices do not include any sides? Or beverages? Or dessert? If so, I find that pretty steep for what appear to be rather ordinary items.

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