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Firefly Coffeehouse

ChaiIn a word: Oregon's Living Room has a lot of living, room in it.

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114 N. Main St., Oregon 53575
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JM ate the Hammy breakfast sandwich on an English muffin.
Liz ate the Hammy breakfast sandwich on an everything bagel with a chai.
Nichole ate the Firefly granola with a Firefly latte.
The bill was $6ish/person, plus tip.
Liz gave Firefly an A; JM and Nichole gave Firefly an A- (see our grading rubric).

Firefly Coffeehouse in Orgeon was a treat. We were so glad our A to Z stop lined up there on Bike the Barns day. It was a triple-win: it was on our way to the ride's starting line, it was a great fuel stop, and we got to share it with a friend.

The place itself rambles on and on, one colorful but cozy room leading to another. There's art everywhere and any kind of seating you'd like: dining tables, tall tables, coffee tables; armchairs, stright-backed chairs, stools; by a window, by the fire, by the play area. And tons of books and board games (like, good ones, too).


The breakfast sandwiches were all we could want in the toasty bread around ham, cheese and egg. In terms of expectations, they were met, but in many ways they exceeded them by using better than expected ingredients, while not being overly greasy or plasticky. The Firefly granola with yogurt was above average - the granola was heavy on flavor, especially cinnamon, and was not stingy on the fruits (cherries, cranberries and apricots) and nuts. Tangy plain yogurt tied it together.

The beverages were also good; a chai latte was creamy and flavorful. Memory's a little fuzzy about what all went into the eponymous Firefly latte - was it a mocha with an orange flavor shot? - but it was also well-balanced and tasty.

We'd definitely go back. Firefly's got heart and good food to boot.


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we went over there yesterday morning because of this review. And we went back there again today. Amazing place! Our new favorite coffeehouse! We'll be regulars there for sure.

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