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Fink'sIn a word: Trollway Waffle House.

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204 W. Main St., Mount Horeb 53572
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JM ate the Western omelet with lemonade.
Nichole ate the blueberry pancakes with coffee.
The bill was $21, or $10ish/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Fink's a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Fink's is small... really small.  We have been in larger living rooms.  We nearly missed the entrance twice, because we couldn't find it.  Also, the open layout makes it impossible to not be seen. Two largish group tables and about five 4-tops are all you have to navigate.  But for a place that's only open for Friday fish fry past 2 and is in Mt. Horeb, it's just the perfect size.  We do not expect, based on our experience, that foodies will drop everything and run out there clogging up lines like so many arteries post-Fink's. No we would instead expect that people in the area looking for a nice simple diner breakfast or midday sandwich will stop in and enjoy themselves. Or maybe you could wake up early some sunny Saturday and bike to breakfast.

We gather Fink's in Mount Horeb recently changed hands for the better. The place is cozy and small-town sweet, very relaxed, the patrons a mix of regulars and who we guessed (by their gadgets) were Epic (or Epic-visiting) foodies out for a Friday breakfast.

Blueberry pancakesWestern omelet

The blueberry pancakes were nice-looking, but they had that onion flavor that sometimes comes from being cooked on a busy griddle. The Western omelet was gorgeous and very gently cooked. Somehow it was still dry, though, and salsa was an upcharge request.

Fink's was nice - we'd go back for the raisin toast or to try the fish fry.


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