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Ernie's Kettle Korn

Ernie's Kettle KornIn a word: Kettle koan.

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JM and Nichole tried the kettle korn, cheese korn and caramel korn.
The large bag of kettle korn was $6, the small bag of "Chicago" style was $3.
JM gave Ernie's Kettle Korn an A-; Nichole gave Ernie's Kettle Korn an A (see our grading rubric).

Ernie's Kettle Korn can be spotted on the Square on farmers market Saturdays, on Library Mall, and at various food cart gathering places around town. JM caught them on a Saturday morning, where they were super nice, walking out to the curb when he pulled up on his bike and taking his "order" to go.

Ernie's Kettle Korn

It's fun to stop and watch the actual popping if you get the chance. Nothing like witnessing the elbow grease and expertise that goes into getting the perfect popping corn made.

Rainbow cornWe really liked the cheese corn, which was loaded with zingy, salty powder. The caramel corn was excellent, too - the caramel was more sugary and less sticky in this batch or with this style of popping, which we preferred, since it didn't stick too hard to teeth. The rainbow corn has been a mite too sweet, better for kids anyway.

Ernie's classic kettle korn, though, is just the best stuff ever. The light, tender kernels have always been in good sweet/salty balance.



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Thank you for your support and comments over these past 12 years. It is with great sadness that I must let you know that Ernie's Kettle Korn will no longer be popping at Dane County Farmers Market, library mall, or Concerts On the Square. All the kettle korn poppers were voted off capital concourse. We really have no sound reason for why we are off. If you would like more information contact
Whansen@city of Madison.com
608 261-9171
Fax 6126

I just read that the corn kettles will be back. I sincerely hope that's correct.

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