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Enrique's Market

In a word: Rock the northside taco.

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1417 Northport Dr., 53704
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JM, John, Nichole and Rose ate some tacos - steak, BBQ beef, al pastor, carnitas, and lengua.
The bill was $16, or $4/person, plus tip.
JM, John and Rose gave Enrique's Market a B; Nichole gave Enrique's Market an A- (see our grading rubric).

Enrique's is where La Queretana was, up on Northport Drive. They've rearranged the dining room such that there are two or three four-seat tables, and no more counter with stools, but that made room for more groceries. The dry goods shelves are frankly a little dim and unappealing, but Enrique's produce cooler, meat, and dairy are really good-looking.

They still have a meat counter and hoo boy. It is gorgeous. Gleaming glass encased chicken quarters, flank steak, what looked like thick cuts of bacon, and a couple huge trays of ground beef with different seasonings and presentation. There were probably a dozen varieties of Mexican cheese as well, plus a few kinds of tamales.

We'd have asked more questions but a crowd of taco fans was gathering and the sole guy on staff was already juggling several customers. He got everyone served in about as long as it took to heat the tortillas on an oiled grill, whipping the tacos together in to-go boxes in seconds.

Tacos from Enrique's Market

So we took our tacos home. They suffered a little from the extra steam time, but were still delicious, every one. Dane101 has waxed downright poetic about them.

We found the barbecued beef to be subtle but good; the steak taco was again not the most distinctive of the bunch. Though we should be smarter by now, we couldn't exactly tell the regular carnitas from the pork al pastor, both being bright red from chili and seasonings (we tried looking for pineapple bits, and thought we could tell a little sweetness in one taco but not the other). The tongue was well-prepared, chopped into small, melt-in-the-mouth cubes. All the tacos came with cilantro and mild white onion with hot green salsa on the side.

Good stuff, Maynard.


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