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El Patron

MenuIn a word: Average but not Patron-izing.

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1303 W. Main St., Sun Prairie 53590
Details at Yelp, El Patron on Urbanspoon

JM ate the taco and enchilada combo with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the burrito San Jose with an horchata.
The bill was $18, or $9/person, plus tip. (Thanks, Bucky Book!)
JM gave El Patron a B; Nichole gave El Patron a B- (see our grading rubric).

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El Patron is a mini chain with outposts in Fort Atkinson, Edgerton, and Sun Prairie. We had the day off for Independence Day, so we checked our Bucky Book and headed northeast for some traditional Fourth of July fare. (Fun fact: this was our 10th Fourth since starting the blog, but only the first time we'd gone out to eat on the national holiday. "Fun" may be overselling that particular fact.)

It was okay. The place was clean and cool, the service was good & fast, and the menu was huge. JM got a ground beef taco and enchilada combo plate that was the definition of red-sauce restraint, a refreshing change from Lardo's.  Each thing was a little below average on its own, but as a plate, the parts made up for some of this deficit. Another case of the sum being greater than its parts, though in this case that pulled the overall meal up to average.


The burrito San Jose was a large flour tortilla stuffed with shredded white chicken meat and non-greasy but flavorful chorizo. A side of sticky, filling beans, and the requisite iceberg salad with a daub of guacamole, filled out the plate.

BurritoBurrito insides

El Patron would be the Mexican place we'd go to if we ate in Sun Prairie a lot. As it is now, if we're in the Groundhog Capital of the World, we'd rather hit up one of our favorites, but we're not eating Groundhog cuz that's gross.


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