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Edelweiss Cheese Shop

In a word: We're happy to see it.

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202 W. Verona Rd., Verona 53593
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JM ate the crustless sausage-apple-cheddar-jack quiche with fruit, bread, and a cherry Sprecher's.
Nichole ate the Braunschweiger sandwich with potato chips and a cherry Blumer's.
The bill was $18, or $9/person, plus tip (and about $40 worth of cheese).
JM gave Edelweiss Cheese Shop an A-; Nichole gave Edelweiss Cheese Shop an A (see our grading rubric).

This place is just adorable. It's in a refurbished house on Verona Avenue, just west of Main Street. Its opening about a year ago did not escape the notice of knowledgeable newspersons. Along with Jordandal Cookhouse, Paoli Cafe, Chocolaterian, and the ubiquitous Underground, Edelweiss was featured in a neat story that pointed out the number of local food producers that are now branching into retail.

Braunschweiger sandwich

In addition to a broad cheese-and-accoutrement selection, they have sandwiches and quiche. Nichole got the Braunschweiger on rye. It was huge. The bread could have been a more flavorful variety of rye, and the lack of Limburger was a lamentable lacuna, but the spicy mustard & red onion was good. Next time, a grilled cheese is in order.


JM got quiche. It was the end of the day, so many choices had been sold out (a good sign). There was nothing inferior about the crustless, sausage-apple-cheddar-jack variety, though. It arrived warm, and was light and very tasty. The strawberry, apple, and grape garnish was good, and a bit of blueberry bread made it brunchy.

Edelweiss clearly wants to invoke the same kind of central European traditions that resonate so heartily in New Glarus and Monroe, etc. A lesser place would be using this name as a crutch. Fortunately here, the cheese stands alone.


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Hallelujah! I no longer have to wait for the Westside Farmer's Market to get Edelweiss aged gouda (grass fed, of course). Thanks for the heads-up.

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