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Eagle Crest

In a word: Big sandwiches without fries.

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3710 County Road T, 53704
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JM ate the ham and cheese sandwich with chips and a soda.
Nichole ate the Eagle Crest burger with chips and a soda.
The bill was $18, or $9/person, plus tip.
JM gave Eagle Crest a B; Nichole gave Eagle Crest a C+ (see our grading rubric).

Eagle Crest must be a gift from the gods for its location (the northwest crook of the interstate intersection of 90 and 94, just off 30).  There's just not that much there, La Zacatecana notwithstanding, so even a neighborhood bar for dinner must feel like an oasis.

Indeed, Eagle Crest provides sandwiches that would easily feed two people. JM's ham and cheese was a full ham steak cut thin and set between Texas toast, loaded with bubbly American cheese food product. Its only downside was that it got very same-y toward the end of the giant portion.

Ham and cheese

Nichole's 1LB burger was not a menu misprint or a joke as she had at first surmised. It leaked a fair amount of juice into the basket, though it, too, never rose too far above its gooey cheese or plainish patty.

Eagle Crest burgerEagle Crest burger

A side of fries or jalapeño poppers or mozzarella sticks would have been a good complement. But, friends, Eagle Crest has no deep fryers. Its sides are merely some greasy chips by the handful.  As such, it feels like the titanic burgers are there to compensate for not being able to serve a few onion rings.

Eagle Crest does nice extras, though, including Sunday breakfasts and monthly steak-and-shrimp nights. And certainly if this area ain't a food desert, we hain't seen one. So unless you want to gorge on some of the biggest burgers in town (and believe us some will), we recommend a closer establishment with french fries.


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they actually do have deep fryers now

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