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Doughboys Pizza

Doughboys PizzaIn a word: The epitome of small-town pizza joints.

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246 N. Century Ave., Waunakee 53597
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JM and Nichole ate the 14" standard crust Hawaiian pizza.
The bill was $16.30, or $8/person, plus tip.
JM gave Doughboys Pizza a B; Nichole gave Doughboys Pizza a C+ (see our grading rubric).

Doughboys has been around for years, but hasn't netted notice from the normal news nor nous. It's a family pizza joint in Waunakee, with a full dining room and bar, as well as carry-out, delivery and a lunch buffet. Sadly we were in a hurry so we only experienced a small slice of what Doughboys does. JM picked up our typical order, a Hawaiian pizza, at the counter in the way back, and we ate it basically in transit. Not the first time for an A to Z visit.

Doughboys Pizza

It was good, though. The thin, flour-dusted crust was simple and delicious, the opposite of Domino's butter- and who-knows-what additive-laden trencher. We were glad to see so much sauce - Nichole's favorite part of pizza - and it was OK but tinny-tasting. The Canadian bacon slices were thick and the pineapple not too juicy.

The ordering system is a little peculiar, what with the hostess station all the way beyond the dining room and no place for waiting customers to sit. They do have a small passel of red state video games (think hunting and using fossil fuels). We have it on good authority that their wings are really good, so we may go back for them someday.

Doughboys Pizza reminded JM of nothing so much as Jocko's in Osseo back in the day.  Though Doughboys' full bar, with several local beers on tap, is something even his small Sconnie hometown would have lusted after.  You may not be able to go home again, but why would you want to?


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I lived in Waunakee and watched with great excitement as Doughboys opened. It was close enough to/away from my house that I could get in a good walk, which was a huge plus!! Sadly, they went off my radar after two tries: two burned pizzas were served to me on my first dinner visit there and on my second visit most of the offerings on the lunch buffet were lukewarm. I also found the "help" to be less than helpful and made up almost entirely of seemingly bored and disinterested local high school students. I'm sincerely glad you had a good experience - maybe things have improved and I should've given them another try before I moved away.

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