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For immediate release:

The fertile minds behind Eating in Madison A to Z are pleased to announce our next creative push.

We here at EiMAtZ are trying to help you eliminate indecision when you log out of the computer and leak out into the real world. It is for this reason that our three-time #2 favorite blog adds a new subdomain: "Pooping in Madison A to Z"!

Wisconsin's ownThis blog will focus on Madison-area bathrooms; each post will be tightly packed with the inside scoop. It will provide in-depth evaluations of five aspects: amenities and fixtures, toilet paper quality and supply, cleanliness & upkeep, air temperature, and general ambience. In lieu of letter grades, each core competency will be weighed on a scale from zero to deuce, with the best possible composite score being a perfect ten. For a good restroom, we might say "On a scale of 1 to 10, you're an 8!"

But this project needs your help... unlike restaurants, restrooms have no directories or guides (that we know of). Our post on Cafe Samba and the brainstorm of best restrooms in Madison got people off the pot, and we won't miss the Midwest's largest urinal. But we need your help to relieve ourselves of this duty. Feel free to drop your ideas into the community pool, but please try to keep your comments positive. We don't want to see anyone get dumped on.

FriendlyNew posts should start appearing on "Pooping in Madison A to Z" by the 31st of the month (just to pick a date off the top of our head). We're currently compiling a backlog of content so that once we start, we can stay regular. Eventually we plan to issue a follow-up to our book "A to Z What You Did There" -- which sold really well; even someone who didn't know us bought a copy.

Piles of thanks are due to Madison.com for getting our juices flowing with their two-fer, "Is this Madison's coolest bathroom?" and "Going in Style."

This is as exciting as the last time the Browns made the Super Bowl. We hope it all comes out OK.

Typical women's restroom at a FLGS

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I like this idea. It doesn't seem odd at all. Nope, not at all.

Happy April 1st

Great idea! The 31st can't come soon enough!

A suggestion: when you're in the restroom, look up. You'll find filthy, clogged, why-hasn't-this-caught-on-fire ventilation fans in even the priciest Madison restaurants, including those with views of the Capitol. Been thinking for some time this would make a fine blog piece, and now here you are with great content as always.

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