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Double S BBQ

Double S BBQUpdate 4/26/2015: Double S is moving from Cambridge to Monroe Street.
In a word: Something special.

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111 Jefferson St., Cambridge, 53523
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JM ate the rib plate with a Mountain Dew.
Nichole ate the gumbo with a Dr Pepper.
The bill was $20, or $10/person, plus tip (not including $10/lb. carryout brisket).
JM gave Double S BBQ a B+; Nichole gave Double S BBQ an A- (see our grading rubric).

Cambridge seems like about the last place you'd look for Texas style BBQ.  But sure enough, on the edge of town as 12 and 18 part ways, there's a cute little BBQ shack that looks like it does a good trade in carry out. The Texas-paraphernalia bedecked dining room is cute and cozy in a good way.

Now, we should acknowledge our bias. Texas-style ain't our favorite. Dry rub is fine, but we're more 'slathered in sauce' kind of folks. With that in mind, this was pretty darned good. The meat fell off the bone and was fatty in the way that it should be. The sauces were all a little understated but that seems like the deal when the meat comes with most of the flavor massaged in. Everything was tender and delightfully chewy.

Nichole's gumbo hit the spot and had just enough kick to keep it interesting without reddening the face. There was some great sausage and lots of chicken meat. Okra added a nice thickness that made the meal a meal.

The sides included a pickle which was about the saddest pickle ever and cornbread with a jalapeño kick, which was much less sad. There was more on the menu to order, but we weren't up to it.

Gumbo & cornbreadRibs

The take-out brisket went over well at the next event we went to, which just goes to show that there's certainly a market for good meat near Madison.  With Porktropolis in SP and Double S in Cambridge, we're starting to wonder if the sticks just do meat better or what?  Of course, maybe we're lucky that the distance means we don't have to stop there more often than we do.


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Yes, the sticks do do meat better if you include Bob's BBQ Emporium out in Arena. (Is that really even still "the sticks" or another planet altogether?) We've been meaning to get out to Double S but keep heading west to Bob's whose ribs (also Texas-style) and pulled pork, we feel, will be hard to beat. Plus, Bob's has music (including the completely excellent band my hubby's in - the Krause Family Band (shameless plug)). But go we will to the Double S, some time when we feel like heading toward the rising sun instead of the setting.

We are always on the lookout for BBQ in the area - great find!

A friend of mine goes here all the time! And she finally got me a plate a few months ago and I just need the time to make the drive to Cambridge. Because it is worth it!! Their house made sausage is delicious as are the ribs, the beans, I could go on. I didn't even know they had gumbo! I really need to make it over there ASAP. Happy to see some out of way spots on here, sometimes those are the best eats!

We finally got to the Double S and were highly disappointed. I strongly disliked standing in line to order as if it were Panera. The beer selection - "we're outta some of 'em" - was pretty sub-standard. And a sausage sandwich, a very small scoop of cole slaw ($1.79 extra), 3 jalapeño poppers, and a baked potato with brisket on top should NOT come to $28 and change. We won't be going back.

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